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Liz Moses

Massage & Reiki Therapies

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Liz Moses F.H.T.

Welcome to my page I’m Liz

Moses and I provide Massage

and Reiki Therapies.


Fully qualified and insured

I can provide treatments

perfect for the mind, body

and soul. 


Living a full and vibrant life it

is my aim to bring about peace, relaxation and numerous health benefits to you through these practices.


Massage is a powerful tool in healing and I work to help improve not only the physical body, but also raise the awareness of the mind-body connection building a stronger, more relaxed and balanced you.  I have treatments which range from focusing on circulation and the lymphatic system, to treatments with healing benefits for emotional well being and mental health,that help with reducing anxiety and stress.

Deep tissue massage helps aid muscle regeneration, relieves tension, helps with pain and increases mobility. It's not just for the sports person, everyone should try it!

Pregnancy massage is also available for women trom14 weeks gestation onwards. Helping with back pains, general discomfort, sleepless nights and anxiety.


Working either in the peaceful sanctuary from my location or, if preferred, from the comfort of your own home I can build a full treatment plan tailored to you.

Back Massage


Relaxing Massage

Holistic Relaxing Massage

A deeply soothing and restorative massage.


Ideal for releasing tension and aiding mind, body and soul.


CBD oil can be used to enhance this treatment increasing relaxation and  aiding pain relief, it has no psychotropic qualities but has shown many benefits in its topical application.

Seated Acupressure Massage

Based on acupressure techniques this treatment stimulates acupressure points in head, neck, shoulders and back.


Combined with traditional massage techniques and performed whilst you remain fully clothed.


Perfect for onsite work such as offices for staff well being.

Back Massage

Deep-Tissue Massage

 This massage is a deeper and firmer technique. great for sore and tight muscles,

Not just for sports people it is your choice how deep and firm you require the treatment.


CBD oil can be used to enhance this treatment. Using a high quality CBD balm it is applied to areas that are causing you discomfort and it helps to ease the pain and tension. 


Reiki is an alternative form of energy healing.


Using universal energy to promote emotional and physical wellbeing it helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing.

Bringing about relaxation, balance and peace. 

Head Massage
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Treatment                  Duration         On               Mobile 


Holistic massage            1hr                  £60.00             £65.00
Deep-tissue massage      1hr                  £60.00             £65.00
Seated Acupressure       30mins           £35.00             £40.00

Reiki                              1hr                  £50.00             £55.00

CBD oil or balm added to treatment    £10.00


The Gaia Guru CBD oils and balms are extremely high quality and are one of the best on the market.

*Discounts available for multi-session treatment plans and corporate programmes, contact me for more information. 

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Christine and The Mermaid

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Mobile No.: 07508957499

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